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Your premier destination for services specializing in Automha shuttle breakdown and preventive maintenance!

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Core Services

  1. Breakdown Servicing

    - 24/7 emergency response team available to address breakdowns promptly.

    - Experienced technicians equipped to diagnose and repair shuttle issues on-priority.

  2. Preventive Maintenance

    - Tailored preventive maintenance plans designed to keep shuttle systems running smoothly.

    - Regular inspections and maintenance tasks performed to prevent potential breakdowns.

  3. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs)

    - Customized AMCs offering scheduled maintenance visits to suit operational requirements.

    - Priority service and discounted rates.

  4. Spare Parts Supply

    - Our direct partnership with manufacturers and vendors the availability of quality parts.

    - Fast and efficient delivery to minimize downtime.


Industrial Services

Automha Shuttle Services And Repair, Racking Audits and Inspection

Commercial Services

Facility Management, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, And Firefighting Audits.

Green Building Consulatancy

Green Building Certification, Testing And Commissioning Services

Smart Homes

Home Automation - Lighting Control, AV Control Safty And Security.



Why Choose Us?

  • - With over 14 years of experience in servicing & maintaining shuttle systems
  • - Upto 60% reduction in breakdowns
  • - 90% efficiency in shuttle performance
  • - 20% decrease in maintenance cost
  • - 5-10% cost saving on spare purchase cost
  • - 5-10% cost saving on Audit & inspection during installation

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